Tony Barney for Sterling

"Coach" with wife, Marlene Barney‚Äč

Paid for and Authorized by Tony Barney for Sterling.

"Democracy only works's when we participate."


I lost by only 4 votes!  I had 184 voters ID'd and verbally committed who did not show up to vote.  I tried my best... 

I blame no one but myself for not doing a good enough job.

Final count:
Koran T. Saines - 220 winner!
Tony Barney - 216 (but, one vote was tossed - unknown reason.)
Barry Aliriza - 118

I truly want to thank all my supporters who showed up to vote on May 2nd, and my great campaign team.
Not sure what I will be doing now that it's over, maybe just go fishing and do some fun things with my lovely wife Marlene and family for a change. I wish you all the best, and  I truly appreciate you all.

Please, be an informed voter, and vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015.  For voter information, see the "Voter Info" page...